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Executive Producer & Story Editor


Open to all projects, tv, reality and film


Vanessa King is a Canadian producer, screenwriter and industry professor who has worked with top-level entertainment talent in NYC for over two decades. Her award-winning screenplays have received recognition from industry bodies including AMPAS/Oscar®’s Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship and Sony Worldwide Entertainment’s Emerging Filmmakers Program. She cofounded the New York Screenwriters Co-Op and is faculty at both Gotham Writers Workshop (NYC) and Staffordshire University (UK) where she has taught beginner to postgraduate-Masters’ level screenwriting. From 2018 to 2020, Vanessa was named to Vanity Fair’s “Downtown 100”, recognizing New York’s top producers & networkers in the entertainment industry. She has both Executive Directed and judged dozens of film festivals during her career and is a four-time appointee and board member of The Diversity List. In 2019, she was named an “Industry Thought Leader” by Forbes Magazine along with industry changemaker CR Capers for their work to create an Inclusivity Analysis to be used by screenwriting program Final Draft. She is presently working with the province of New Brunswick’s Community College System to create a film training micro-credential and diploma program to increase the number of film industry jobs in the province.

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